LG has just posted their Q3 2012 financial results. The mobile phone division is what we care about, so here are the numbers you need to know: 14 million phones shipped, that’s up 9% from the previous quarter. Profits hit $19.42 million. Should we be happy with these figures? Let’s start by stating the obvious, the Samsung Galaxy S III alone managed to hit 10 million sales after just 2 months on the market. It took a little over a month after that to rack up another 10 million sales, so we’re at 20 million units as of this summer. LG’s 14 million, by comparison, isn’t very impressive.

The more important question: How many smartphones did LG ship during the quarter? When LG reported their financial results in Q2 2012, their press release said: “Smartphone shipments rose to 44 percent of unit sales, up from 36 percent the previous quarter.” Let’s do the math. LG shipped 13.1 million phones in Q2 2012. If 44% of them were “smart”, then that’s just 5.76 million smartphones. Let’s be incredibly generous and assume 55% of LG’s Q3 2012 phones shipments were smartphones. That’s 7.7 million handsets running Android. Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

We’re very curious to know why LG stopped disclosing smartphone shipment numbers all of a sudden. Samsung stopped disclosing their shipment numbers over a year ago, so it’s not like they’re any better. But still, we can’t help but be upset that there are literally zero Android handset makers saying how many Android devices they’ve shipped during any given quarter. The flagship devices get all the attention, but what about the rest of the portfolio?

Samsung is going to report their Q3 2012 financial results on the 26th. They’ll probably say how many Galaxy S III units they’ve shipped since launching the device back in late May. They might even say how many Galaxy Note II shipments they’ve made since the beginning of this month. But don’t expect to hear them say how many phones they shipped.

Update: According to an article from the Associated Press, LG “sold more than 7 million smartphones” during Q3 2012. The AP is just about the most bullet proof source of information you can get. We wonder why LG didn’t disclose that 7 million figure in their press release or in their financial results PDF.

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