Pocket Photo printer

We live in an age where many people keep digital photo albums on their phones, computers, tablets and even MP3 players.

Many homes and apartments have even ditched traditional bedside framed photos in favor of digital picture frames that can alternate the pictures displayed. We are no longer locked down to old-school printed photographs.

However, despite the evolution of photography, sometimes you just want a good old fashioned photograph. LG is rolling out a new highly portable printing device for just such an occasion.

The LG Pocket Photo printer is one of the smallest photo printers out there on the market, with a thickness of just .94 inches and a weight of .47 pounds. While it’s called a pocket printer, it might still be a little unwieldy to carry it in such a fashion. On the other hand, it would be perfect for those with tablet carrying cases, purses and other bags.

LG’s new printer utilizes ZINK (Zero Ink) printing technology, which uses special photo paper where the colors are already applied and are simply heated up and formed when you print an image.

The device will work using either Bluetooth or NFC technology and will set you back 189,000 won, or roughly around $170. Packs of 10 sheets of printing paper will cost $13.

Sound pretty cool? Now for the bad news. At the moment, this device is slated only for release in Korea. If it is embraced locally, perhaps other major markets could someday see the Pocket Printer. Of course this is far from being the only photo printing solution available to Android users, it just happens to be one of the sleekest.