According to the Korean Herald, LG will offer a number of new Android devices in 2010, the total of which will account for half of their new smartphone portfolio. This is interesting news in light of the fact that LG had recently pledged to focus more on Windows mobile in 2010. The original announcement was made while we were at MWC in Barcelona back in 2009. The change of heart is not only promising for Android enthusiasts, but also informative and sheds light on the way in which handset manufacturers now perceive Android.

Nam Yong, LG’s chief executive officer, said the firm’s smart phones will focus on Android, an operating system for the mobile devices provided by Google. Smart phones, which allow access to wireless Internet, differ from traditional cell phones in that they require an operating system.

“We will have smart phones running on Windows Mobile, but about 50 percent of our smart phone models will run on Android,” Nam told reporters at a trade show in Las Vegas. LG will also turn to Google for content used with its smartphones, Nam added.

“The operating system itself will not guarantee competitiveness in mobile content,” he said. “For now, Google’s content seems to be the only alternative.”

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.