Photos have emerged over the Internet of what seems to be the LG Optimus U1, the Korean company’s supposedly first smartphone to run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). There’s no official statement regarding this sleek and thin device, but possibilities indicate an early 2012 launch.

The photos were discovered online by GSMArena.  Details are scant regarding the Optimus U1, a likely codename for the phone although GSMArena sees a connection with the LG-owned telecom in Korea known as U+.

Confirming if the device really exists is difficult by basing only on the images, the original source of which can no longer be found. More uncertainties require answers such as whether ICS natively comes with the Optimus U1 or if it will be available as a future update.

Adding further doubt to the authenticity of the images–and therefore of the device–is the presence of a home button. The latest version of Google’s popular operating system has replaced capacitive or physical buttons with virtual buttons located within the touchscreen or user interface.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was officially introduced last month with the Google Galaxy Nexus as its flagship device. Expected to be the convergence of Android smartphone and tablets, the update will roll out to other devices in the coming months.

Conan Hughes
Contributor at Android Authority covering all things Android.