A recent YouTube video of tech expert Marc Saltzman surfaced recently, and he seems to be talking about the awesome features of the LG Optimus LTE, but refers to it as the LG Eye. And, it seems that Saltzman has virtually confirmed the LG Eye’s Canadian destination, plus the Bell banner behind him seems to confirm exactly where.

Earlier reports said that LG Canada wasn’t sure about plans to bring the LG Optimus LTE to Canada. But, Saltzman verbally confirmed that the LG Eye is going to Bell. That marks a sure arrangement already made by LG and Bell.

Bell Canada would most likely launch the LG Eye under its “Superphone” category this November, and the device does have what it takes to be labeled a superphone.

First in the line of super specs from this superphone is its wide 4.5-inch touchscreen display. Its relatively wider screen will make movie enthusiasts happy because they can watch movies in better quality, as this smartphone has a High Definition display—also dubbed as “True HD IPS display.” Its screen resolution (1280×760 pixels) is better than that of the iPhone 4 display.

Not just that, its 8-megapixel rear camera is intended for better, high-quality pictures and videos. It also has a 1.3-megapixel front camera which is very capable of great-quality teleconferences and video calling. The LG Eye also has point and shoot and face detection features, an LED flash, auto focus, and most of the specs of you’d expect from a standalone camera.

Its battery rating is at 1,830 mAh.  The device is as slim as 10.4 mm. Moreover, the phone is an LTE phone, which provides high speed Internet in almost all areas. And as the video announced it, Bell will take care of it all.

In addition to fast wireless speed, the processing speed of the LG Eye will be taken care of by a 1.5-GHz, dual-core processor, making the device more of a computer in terms of speed than your usual mobile phone.

All of these super features are rolled into one smartphone: the LG Eye (LG Optimus LTE). Bell, has it.  Lucky Canadians.