LG Optimus G2 leaked photo

Image reportedly showing the LG Optimus G2

Less than a week ago, we told you about a new, nearly bezel-less LG smartphone that surfaced online via a photo that was posted publicly by Twitter user @evleaks. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to fully determine the identity of the handset, so up to now we still don’t know what phone it really is. Well, today a new photo of this same phone has just been made available, once again by the same Twitter user. And here you can see it posted above.

So what new information do we have about it now? Firstly, the caption of the photo on Twitter reads, “Thin-bezeled LG, redux.” This confirms that the device in the picture is indeed the exact same one from a few days ago. Also, the source followed it up with a tweet that said, “Circumstantial evidence points to G2, FWIW.” He no doubt meant to say that the device in question here is indeed the highly-awaited LG Optimus G2.

In all fairness, the phone does kind of look like it might be a Nexus, as in the rumored Google Nexus 5. But that shouldn’t be a surprise considering that LG is the phone maker responsible for the Nexus 4 as well, and we’re all just seeing its Design DNA at work here.

From what we’ve seen, the design of this particular LG phone is meant to help users make the most out of the space that’s available on the screen. It will surely be a hit among those who want to have a phone that’s equipped with the biggest display possible.

Now, the only thing that’s left is to confirm the rest of its features. And if it’s anything like the rumors have so far made it out to be, then it’s going to be a serious contender in our search for the best Android phone of 2013.

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