LG is going the extra mile to promote the upcoming Optimus G, a phone that has been unveiled not once, but twice already in South Korea, being today presented again in New York City.

Why all the hoopla? Well, the Optimus G will be the first ever handheld powered by the new quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU to enjoy a wide release. We’ve already got a sample of what the processor is capable of in a couple of early benchmarks, so it’s pretty obvious the G has the potential of beating every high-end phone out there.

As expected, the NYC event presenting the G has only brought one new piece of information to the table, and a rather vague one for that matter. Still, it’s nice to have an official confirmation that the phone is coming to the US, sometime this year.

LG has announced the Optimus G as coming to the States in Q4, which is not surprising, seeing as Q3 will end in less than two weeks. The year’s final quarter stretches from October 1 to December 31, so the G could theoretically see the light of day anytime during that timeline. However, the guys at The Verge claimed the other day that they got confirmation from LG for a November release. Sure, that’s not like hearing it straight from LG in a press event, but we do trust The Verge to not start such rumors out of thin air.

Now that we’ve got the ETA problem out of our system, how about some details about different carrier branded versions of the Optimus G? Well, LG was reluctant to talk about such info on the record, but off the record we do know that Verizon will be most likely naming its model of the Optimus G the Optimus Blaze.

We also know that there might be some differences between the US versions of the phone, with one of the most important ones being revealed in that video promo from last week. It seems likely that one or more carriers will get the more modest model of the G equipped with an 8MP rear-facing shooter, while the other(s), including most likely Big Red, will have the 13MP camera.

We have no reason to think that the S4 Pro CPU won’t power all the US models of the phone, and we also suspect that all of them will come with 2 gigs of RAM and the same 4.7-inch IPS LCD screen with 1280 x 760 pix res. The software and battery might be different stories, though.

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