While some seem to have learned their lesson and are extending a helping hand to the growing independent developer community, others are still stubbornly locking bootloaders and going out of their way to stop us from poking our noses into our phones’ internals.

Fortunately for us and unfortunately for them, there’s no stopping the community, and LG’s Optimus G is the freshest example of a phone whose locked bootloader has been hacked, though we’ll admit it – not with ease.

Project FreeGee targets to allow Optimus G users to enjoy absolute software freedom, and while there’s still some work to do, a couple of you should already be able to flash custom ROMs on LG’s flagship. Only a couple, because the instructions to unlocking the bootloader have been sent to just a number of XDA users for now to limit the potential damage the entire process might cause on hacked phones.

The unlocking also works only on Sprint and AT&T versions of the phone, though Canadian and Korean models are next in line. As for the project’s leaving private beta, we don’t know exactly when will that happen, but it should only be “a day or so” until thecubed and his team will have made sure that “this won’t turn your hair green or fill your kitchen sink with lemons spontaneously”.

Anyone from that private circle of beta testers tuned in on Android Authority? How’s everything going so far? How about all you more regular earthlings – are you excited about the prospect of unlocking your Gee’s bootloader?