LG Optimus G

Considering the LG Optimus G as an alternative to the elusive Nexus 4, but just won’t settle for anything less than stock Android? A new mod could be the solution to your problems, transforming the Optimus G into a Nexus 4.

Obviously the “transformation” doesn’t change the fact that the LG Nexus 4 and Optimus G look different on the outside, but the real magic will be on the inside. The special mod will overwrite the LG Optimus G’s firmware and replace it with the stock Nexus 4 firmware instead, that includes bringing Jelly Bean to the device without any of LG’s custom skins and bloatware.

This modification comes from hard work performed by G33k3r, Rohan32 and several others over at XDA Developers. The mod swaps everything out from the boatloader to the AOSP software, removing all internal software from the original LG Optimus G firmware. As you’d expect from such a giant mod, it isn’t recommended for the inexperienced.

If something goes wrong with the mod you could end up with a bricked device. In other words, only do this if you are 100% sure you can effectively carry it out without issue.

There are also a few sacrifices you will have to make if you decide to go through with this firmware change. Once “transformed” into an LG Nexus 4, you will find that your Optimus G can’t access LTE and storage will be capped at just 8GB.

For those that own or are considering purchasing an LG Optimus G, this could certainly be a fun way to get the pure Android experience without having to continue to wait it out for the LG Nexus 4 to surface at Google’s Play Store.

Keep in mind that this is a “rough” mod at the moment and could possibly improve with time. Here’s to hoping they eventually find a way to keep LTE and all the benefits of the Optimus G while also providing the stock Android experience.

What do you think, is this a mod you would consider flashing  to your Optimus G or do you feel that the risks and limitations outweigh the potential benefit?

Andrew Grush

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