Regional Canadian carrier Sasktel might still be well behind the nationwide big guys – Rogers, Bell and Telus – in terms of number of subscribers, but when talking about product releases, the gap seems to be closing.

The past few months have definitely been kind to Sasktel customers, who’ve been spoiled with timely releases of the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, to only name a few. Add that to some very attractive and lucrative unlimited data plans, and you can understand why the network’s numbers should be up.

But the carrier’s opportunely timed launches of late will not end, because three very new handhelds are now advertised as “coming soon”. The LG Optimus G is the leader of the pack, with its 4.7-inch True HD IPS+ display and quad-core S4 Pro CPU, and Sasktel could even manage to undercut all of its competitors with this release.

Rogers, Bell and Telus are all expected to sell the G starting on or around November 13, with pricing being kept under wraps all around.

The Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE is the second Android phone flaunted by Sasktel as coming soon, but that’s already up for grabs from Bell and Telus. The ruggedized 4-incher is $49 with a three-year contract via Telus and $79.95 at Bell, so Sasktel’s price could range anywhere from $40 to $100.

Finally, the Samsung ATIV S is another unreleased phone confirmed to hit Rogers, Telus, Bell and now Sasktel “by the end of November”. We aren’t that interested in the Windows Phone 8 device to be honest, but if you are, keep an eye on the carriers over the next few weeks.

Besides the three devices, Sasktel has some old scores to settle too, with the Galaxy Note 2 being still unavailable. Are you excited more about Sammy’s new phablet or one of the other phones said to “come soon”?