The LG Optimus G Pro was first unveiled in Japan last month. Unlike the Japanese variant, which only sports a 5-inch display, the international version – whose final specs and pictures leaked yesterday — will come with a bigger 5.5-inch screen, but still maintain the same full HD resolution.

Early reports stated that LG is planning to release the Optimus G Pro in South Korea in March, a few weeks after the device makes its debut at Mobile World Congress. It looks like there’s been a change of plan, as the company is now reportedly going to release the flagship handset in late February.

Word has it that LG wants to make sure that it has its device out before the Samsung Galaxy S4 steals the spotlight. According to sources, the juggernaut of a smartphone will be launched in South Korea on March 15.

We get what the latest Nexus phone maker is trying to do. But at the end of the day, the specs will determine which device will get the most attention from customers. Unfortunately (for LG), we have a feeling that the Galaxy S4 will best the Optimus G Pro in that department.