LG Optimus G Pro aa 4 1600

Samsung is no longer the only one who can lay claim to being able to offer eye-tracking software features with its flagship Android smartphone. The LG Optimus G Pro, which is scheduled to get a special “Value Pack Upgrade” for software this month, will soon have a new feature called “Smart Video” which automagically pauses video playback the moment a user looks away from the screen. Also part of the upcoming software upgrade are two features called Dual Camera and Pause and Resume Recording.

All three of these new software features have just been demonstrated by LG through a new video of the Optimus G Pro that was posted today on YouTube. It shows a woman using the Optimus G Pro in an office trying out the three new features one by one. The first thing she tests is Smart Video, then follows it up with Dual Camera, and ends the presentation with Pause and Resume Recording.

It’s quite baffling that a feature that lets users pause while in the middle of recording video has not been available on LG Android phones until now. In any case, it’s a welcome addition to the Optimus G Pro’s arsenal of software niceties. Check out the Value Pack Upgrade video below.

And if you haven’t seen it already, watch our full LG Optimus G video review here.

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