LG Optimus G Pro

The LG Optimus G Pro is selling very well in South Korea, the home country of its manufacturer. According to a post on LG’s Korean Newsroom site, the company has moved no less than 500,000 Optimus G Pro units in the first 40 days it’s been available on the South Korean market.

LG even let potential customers test the device for 30 days to get used to the size before buying it, as part of its local marketing efforts.

The smartphone, which was officially announced before Mobile World Congress, is said to come to the rest of the world in this year’s second quarter. While you’re waiting for the LG Optimus G Pro to arrive, make sure you check out our video review of LG’s flagship smartphone below (text version is available here):

How about you? Do you plan on getting an LG Optimus G Pro when it’s available in your country?

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