LG Optimus G

When it comes to color choices for the LG Optimus G, you either pick black or you pick white. The only exception to this rule is in Japan, where a special red version is also available.  The good news is that burgundy might soon be joining the pack as well.

We don’t know much about this new color choice, but has now been spotted in advertising materials in South Korea. Whether burgundy will make it to other countries in Europe and North America remains unseen at this point.

LG Optimus G

If the color is coming to several markets, we will likely hear more at CES. Hopefully we will also get word of an update to Jelly Bean for Optimus G owners, as being stuck with Ice Cream Sandwich is getting a little old.

You might wonder why anyone would pick the Optimus G over the Nexus 4. Probably the biggest reason is that not everyone has a choice.

There are some carriers that aren’t compatible with the Nexus 4, but instead offer us the Optimus G. There are also some folks that will put up with the LG bloatware and older OS in order to get their hands on true LTE compatibility.

Would you consider a burgundy version of the LG Optimus G or not?

Andrew Grush

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