LG Optimus G

Looking forward to the LG Optimus G? If so, we have a bit of potentially bad news for you. An LG representative has now confirmed that the Optimus G will not have an unlocked bootloader.

Is this confirmation all doom and gloom? It is hard to say. Sometimes developers can find a workaround that makes flashing custom ROMs and other tweaks possible, but it certainly isn’t as easy as it would be if an unlocked bootloader was present.

Even if the developer community figures out a way around the locked bootloader, that’s not really the point. Part of the lure of Android is that it is an open operating system and we aren’t forced into a restrictive ecosystem that tells us what we can and can’t do with our phones. A locked bootloader kind of defeats the purpose here.

In the past, LG was generally pretty open with their Android devices, but their most recent efforts show a very clear change in direction for the company. What do you think, does this turn you off from buying the Optimus G or not?