LG Optimus G

LG managed to piss everyone off during 2012 with sluggish ICS updates, very few JB bumps (none?), empty promises and just poor all-around software support. The icing on the cake? The company’s late 2012 flagship, the Optimus G, got released with on-board Android 4.0.

Not to mention the Nexus 4, the only LG device that had solid software support guaranteed, was harder to score than crack cocaine in the Vatican. But you know how things go in the tech world. One minute you’re at the top and the next you’re struggling to make ends meet with lame Asha feature phones. Or, if you’re lucky, the other way around.

In LG’s case, it’s going to be a while until people can really start trusting the company again, but the first bricks have been laid for a new, much stronger foundation. The Optimus G has been recently released in Europe with on-board JB and has been surprisingly bumped to Android 4.1 on Sprint.

LG Optimus G

Meanwhile, the Optimus L9 has received its first scoops of Jelly Bean butter, whereas the 4X HD and L7 are reportedly next in line. And now the Canadian Optimus G is getting its JB serving as well.

According to reports all around the web, the Android 4.1.2 upgrade is available for G versions on Bell, Rogers and Telus. This is not exactly a shocker, as LG announced the incoming software refresh a few days ago. Then again, it is nice to see the Koreans deliver on their promises for once.

Up for grabs over-the-air, the new firmware is not live on SaskTel Optimus Gs yet, while on the other three networks it’s probably at its first updating wave. Meaning you shouldn’t panic if you can’t switch to JB for the time being.

The changelog is as dense as one would expect, including all the classical Jelly Bean-specific tweaks (Project Butter performance enhancements, Google Now support, Android Beam, expandable notifications and so on). You’ll also be getting some LG specials, but for some reason the QSlide function won’t be upgraded. Still, you can’t turn down the butter, can you?