Optimus F7 F5

LG has certainly been vague in teasing the company’s MWC 2013 presence, but that hasn’t stopped the pieces of the puzzle from falling into place via unofficial leaks. We’ve even got official confirmation on the Optimus G Pro and the refreshed Optimus L family, so the only mysteries remained the F-Series and the third-gen Vu.

As always, @evleaks has come to our rescue, unraveling the first two members of the new F family. The Optimus F7 and F5 are pictured above, and, if you feel like you’ve seen them before, you’re not terribly wrong.

Though they’re not identical copies of any previous LG smartphones, they do take important design cues from members of the Optimus L series and the first-gen G. Oddly, while the F7 sports the slightly larger display, the F5 seems to be the more elegant fellow.

All of the specs and features are kept under wraps at this time, but we don’t expect the F5 and F7 to blow the second-gen Optimus L phones out of the water. It remains to be seen whether the two have any siblings hiding (like an F3 and F9), but we really don’t see the point in the existence of other F phones.

We don’t even understand why the F5 and F7 are needed along with the L5 II and L7 II, but maybe once we hear about their spec sheets we’ll get it. Expect all the cards to be laid on the table early next week, at MWC. We’ll be there to bring you exclusive photos and videos with all of LG’s new handhelds, so be sure to keep an eye on Android Authority.

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