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LG Optimus Black to get ICS after all?

Although LG Canada announced the Optimus Black as never getting an Android 4.0 update, a couple of newly unveiled pics seem to contradict that information.
August 21, 2012

LG, why do you insist on tormenting us? After the whole shenanigan with the Optimus 2X, which was scheduled to get the ICS bump in Q2, then in Q3, then never, then again in Q3, another mid-ranger from the company seems to have the same ever-changing fate.

The Optimus Black was released in May 2011 with 2.2 Froyo on board and, like the Optimus 2X, it got swiftly updated to Gingerbread in only a matter of months. When it came to Ice Cream Sandwich though, things got really tangled and complicated.

In fact, most Optimus Black adopters probably lost hope for ever seeing Android 4.0 on their 4-inchers months ago, as their was no official statements from LG’s PR department on the matter. LG Canada even dropped a bomb in July, tweeting that, just like the 2X, the Optimus Black “will not be receiving the ICS upgrade”.

(Un) surprisingly, the respective tweet now seems to be contradicted by a couple of pics published exclusively by In the photos, you can clearly see retail boxes of the Optimus Black with “Android 4.0 ICS upgradable” stickers.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Someone could have pasted those stickers on the boxes to play games with us or the photos themselves could be fakes. It could be some desperate attempt from a retailer or carrier to get rid of some old Optimus Blacks. Then again, those might not be the cases after all.

The guys over at TechCovet are giving their word they saw the sealed boxes with the stickers under the seals with their own eyes. So the only scenario left to dispute the report’s credibility would be that of a cheating retailer. Possible, but not very likely, as far as we’re concerned.

The only other issue we have with the report is the location of the retail store where the boxes have been spotted. This hasn’t been revealed by TechCovet, but we can see English writings all around the boxes, so there aren’t that many likely possibilities.

So, without any additional (and unfounded) speculation, let’s say that an ICS upgrade for the LG Optimus Black now seems more likely than ever in at least one English-speaking country. We should probably get more on the topic soon, so keep in touch and in the meantime let’s make a quick headcount. How many of you are still waiting for an official Android 4.0 bump on an LG Optimus Black?