LG Jelly Bean

LG is notorious for how slowly it pushes software upgrades to its phones, with many users avoiding the company’s devices specifically because of that. And while things on the whole are still not looking up in this department, LG might have learned something from past mistakes.

After rolling out Android 4.1 upgrades for the Optimus Vu 2, LTE 2 and Optimus G in South Korea late last year, three other major software bumps are expected in Asia soon. LG Hong Kong has taken to Facebook to announce JB is going to hit the Optimus 4X HD, Optimus L7 and Optimus L9 “during the first half of this year”.

The model numbers mentioned on FB (P880, P705 and P765) are of specific regional versions of those phones, but it’s safe to assume that international models of the 4X HD, L7 and L9 are in for some treats as well.

As for ETAs, we can’t do much but speculate. If we were betting men (which we are), we’d guess LG will first look to push Jelly Bean to the Optimus G around the world and only then will start worrying about this trio.

On the other hand, we have reason to believe that the Optimus L series is in for a refresher at MWC, so maybe we’ll be hearing something in Barcelona about updates as well. However things will play out, we certainly hope LG understands once and for all that it needs to step up its game to be taken seriously. Because, God knows, there is potential for growth there.