The flip-flopping that LG has done in the past in terms of Android 4.0 updates for the Optimus 2X is well documented by Android Authority. After re-confirming that Ice Cream Sandwich won’t come to the handset, a different branch of the company reported otherwise. Last we heard the software upgrade was already sent via OTA to a Korean version of the phone, the SU660.

We’re not entirely sure that that has actually happened. But what is certain is that LG has now released the ICS source code for the same variant on its website.

So even if the long-awaited upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich for the device never comes — which is looking more likely at this point — developers can at least use their skills to cook up some stable ROMs for the international model (P990) and even the T-Mobile variant (P999). This isn’t ideal, but one has to make the best of a bad situation.

Scanning the various Optimus 2X boards on the web, it seems many users are pretty stoked about the ICS sources being released. Any LG Optimus 2X users out there excited for the prospect of an upgrade?

Bams Sadewo
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