LG’s Optimus 2x – originally unveiled at CES, is finally coming to WIND Mobile! Most recently, it was spotted by the fine crew at MobileSyrup, dressed up in WIND’s attire.

The handset revealed that it will be operating on the same frequencies as its US capable cousin, soaring at a very pleasant altitude of 1700MHz.

While there isn’t a confirmed announcement from WIND as of yet – we know that when pics and SKU’s and other things start to emerge, that they can’t hold us back from determining it will be in the hands of consumers very soon.

The Optimus 2X / G2X / LG P999 (WIND) is one heck of an Android phone. It’s got a great NOVA display, is a dual core Tegra 2 handset, and is just an all around great handset. Despite being plagued by some initial problems at T-Mobile, it’s likely that these will be remedied before it goes on sale.

The last time  we caught wind of the the LG Optimus 2X in Canada with WIND branding was at an LG sponsored event. Since then, Videotron has released this Android 2.2 powered device priced at the healthy sum of $529.95, outright. MobileSyrup was sent this pic of the WIND Optimus 2X and, as they say, “it looks like it’s ready for business.”

Still, there’s no word on pricing or release date just yet – but stay tuned for this one folks. Specs for this hot little number include a 1GHz Dual-core processor, 4-inch WVGA NOVA display (480 x 800), 8 megapixel with a 1.3 megapixel front camera that records and plays back 1080p HD videos Wi-Fi and can hold up to 32GB with a microSD card. Either way, whenever info this revealing comes our way, it usually means things are getting very close, so sit tight Canadians – you will get your dual core fix soon.


Via MobileSyrup (thanks guys!)

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