The LG Optimus 2X ICS update saga seems to be closing to an end, and fortunately it’s a happy, happy one for a handful of Android fans. After several delays, many speculations, false rumors and even one “official” cancelation, the former high-end 4-incher is now treated with the much awaited OTA (over-the-air) Android 4.0 upgrade.

Ice Cream Sandwich is hitting the Optimus 2X as we speak, but for now it’s available only for the Korean handheld (aka model number SU660). Other country-specific models of the phone are expected to get the software leap soon, with the Singapore version being most likely next on the list. As for countries outside Asia, none have yet been confirmed as getting the upgrade, but we’re guessing it’ll happen sooner or later all around the Globe.

Those of you living in LG’s homeland should not have much to do to flash the update, other than ensure you have a stable network connection and hit “install” once you get that sweet automatic prompt message.

If however you haven’t gotten the OTA upgrade just yet and you feel like you simply can’t wait much longer, you can install the new ROM manually from this link here. The file is a hefty 540MB one, so be sure you have enough memory to handle the ICS package. It’s also in a rather unusual .kdz format, so if you don’t know exactly what you have to do, here’s a very helpful written tutorial courtesy of nikhil4186 from XDA-Developers.

This is only the first step in LG’s attempt to bring as many “outdated” phones as possible up to date (well, sort of, as really up to date would mean launching Jelly Bean). Up next are the Optimus Black, Optimus 3D and Optimus LTE, all set to taste ICS goodness over the coming weeks.

Who’s happy about finally seeing some movement from LG in the update department? And who’s already fed up with the delays, cancelations and scattered releases and has forgotten all about LG phones and/or has flashed custom ROMs on them?