LG Nexus

Multiple rumors have been spreading about the possibility of an LG Nexus device in the works. Up until now, there has been little evidence for or against the idea. Could a new FCC filing for the LG-E960 actually be the proof we’ve been looking for?

The filing passed its way through the FCC recently and details a device that is Tri-Band only, designed for the 850/1900 GSM bands. Several blogs and forums believe this patent might actually be the LG Nexus. If it is true, then this goes against the earlier idea that the flagship LG Optimus G and the LG Nexus were the same devices.

How does the filing prove that? The LG-E960 doesn’t seem to have LTE, while the Optimus G is already said to be on its way to AT&T with LTE technology in tow. Not much else is revealed through the patent, although a diagram does mention that NFC will come aboard the device. Not that surprising, considering near field technology has become quite commonplace on modern mid and high-end smartphones (except for the iPhone).

Rumors aside, it is entirely possible that this is just another LG smartphone and nothing more. For one thing, why would Google and LG only put an AT&T radio into a Nexus device? Until we have a more substantial information leak — or better yet official news — this will likely remain a mystery. Does the idea of an LG-based Nexus interest you, or would you rather get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Plus instead?