Google LG Nexus 4 aa 2 1600

Talking about LG’s upcoming mobile plans, a South Korean report has confirmed that the company is making the Nexus 5 smartphone for Google, with the phone expected to launch at some point later this month.

An actual release date for the handset is not offered, but this is one more confirmation – if we still needed one – that Google and LG have partnered up for another Nexus smartphone following last year’s Nexus 4 (in the image above).

We’ll note that we’ve seen plenty of rumored launch dates for the Nexus 5, all of them saying the phone will be available to consumers in October, but we’re yet to see Google officially announce the device.

Other details about the Nexus 5 aren’t offered either – then again, existing leaks have revealed almost all there was to know about it – but the publication has mentioned other upcoming LG mobile devices.

The company will reportedly launch its smartphone with a flexible display at some point next month – again, a release date was not given. Commenting on the flexible display handset, whose image we have recently seen, a “high-ranking” official from a local carrier said that LG’s device is likely to “receive better responses in the market.”

According to the same report, LG will also launch Firefox OS-based devices in Central and South American countries through Telefonica.

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