Today is quite a day for Android rumors and leaks, especially when it comes to devices such as the upcoming LG Nexus 4 (that’s what the device is called these days, although LG Optimus G Nexus is also a name we use for it) or the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.

After seeing the former appear in a UK retailer’s database, it’s now time to pay attention to French publication Le Figaro, which claims that the LG Nexus 4 will be launched on October 29 in several markets, although French Android fans will only get the handset in early December:

Nexus 4 will be launched on October 29, Le Figaro has learned. In France, it will be marketed in early December. […]
Update: the worldwide release of the Nexus 4 is scheduled for October 29. In France, it will eventually marketed from early December, contrary to what was stated in the first place.

Naturally, this is still unconfirmed news, as Google is yet to unveil its fourth-generation Nexus smartphone. But it sits nicely with other LG Nexus rumors that claim the handset will be unveiled by the end of the month.

However, the publication fails to provide more details about the device. We don’t have pricing details yet, and, as for specs and features, Le Figaro mentions that the LG Nexus 4 is based on the Optimus G, thus repeating some of the details that we have already seen in recent reports.

We’ll be back with more LG Nexus details in the coming weeks, as we get close to the yet-to-be-announced Google-LG media event that will be hosted to unveil the device.