We have probably seen everything there is to see about the upcoming LG Nexus 4 smartphone – even rumored Android 4.2 features – so, with less than a week to go until Google unveils its new Nexus devices, we’re hardly excited to see more Nexus 4 leaks. In fact, a recent report suggested that all Nexus 4 stories out there are 100% accurate.

Nevertheless, @evleaks Twitter account, a reliable source of plenty of mobile-related leaks, has posted what appears to be the official press photo of the handset. Sure, we saw the Nexus 4 in crystal clear pictures already alongside the blurry ones, and we already have a pre-release review in the wild. But we didn’t get to look at any press shots of the device.

In the image above, we can’t help but notice the Nexus branding on that strange pattern on the back cover design that we’ve seen in all previous leaks, but also the chosen screen image for this photo: Google Now cards showing Google Maps navigation but also sports scores.

The Nexus branding clearly tells us that Google is more interested in making its own brand even better known among consumers – of all the existing Nexus devices, only the Nexus 7 has “Nexus” printed on the back, with the HTC Nexus One, Samsung Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus having “Google” written on the battery cover.

As for Google Now, the feature will continue to be an important element of upcoming Android versions – let’s not forget that Google makes its money off of search – but we also feel this may be a Google Maps-related play since Google is now in a position to take hits at Apple’s for the latter’s maps performance in iOS 6.

At the same time, we’ll point out that the image above may be faked – just look at the two weather notifications up there – so take it with a pinch of salt. Or is that either Google and/or LG marketing screwed it up while photoshopping it?

Update: A second image has leaked via the same source, showing the Nexus 4 at an Angle. Those double weather notifications are gone, but the Google Now Google Maps card is still there, showing a different route this time (see image above).