LG Nexus 4

Have your past attempts to get the LG Nexus 4 in Canada failed? Good news, the Nexus 4 is returning to the Google Play store in Canada today at 3PM Eastern Time. Google sent out emails earlier today confirming the return, though it is hard to say how many handsets they will have ready.

If you plan to try and snag the LG Nexus 4, you better get your card ready and head over to the Google Play website as soon as 3PM hits, because it’s doubtful stock will last long.

Keep in mind that Google didn’t confirm which models will be in stock, but we would assume at least a small supply of both the 8GB and 16GB version will be available. If you do manage to get one, you might even be able to get it to play nice with 4G LTE¬†with a little bit of work.

So how about it, are you planning on attempting to order the LG Nexus 4 today or not?

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