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What Retina display? LG's showcases new Full HD display with 440 ppi pixel density

Now that's sharp
May 28, 2012

When it comes to marketing, Apple has certainly capitalized on the Retina Display, featured on both the iPhone 4S and the iPad 3. But there are a bunch of displays out there that, at least in theory, are far more capable than that.

Last year, Toshiba showcased a splendid 6.1-inch screen with 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution and 498 ppi pixel density. But before the Japanese had the chance to release their creation, LG Display has unveiled a similarly “endowed” display.

With 1920 x 1080 resolution and 440 ppi pixel density, the new Full HD LCD panel from LG measures 5 inches in diagonal and will make an appearance on some of the company’s future smartphones. We don’t have an exact release date right now for any phone featuring the new display, but we know that the screen will be on exhibit for the first time at SID 2012 (Society for Information Display’s International Symposium) in Boston, from June 4 to 8. We also know that LG is planning to release the 5-inch display “during the second half of the year”, but, once again, we know nothing about the gadget or gadgets it will power.

As for its capabilities, the new LCD panel is based on AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching) technology and should come with significantly wider viewing angles, stable display image, precise color reproduction, and increased responsiveness.

Theory doesn’t always translate perfectly into reality, but the new LG display should easily top Apple’s Retina displays in terms of color reproduction and pixel density (the iPhone screen “only” delivers 326 ppi). The new panel is also 1.3 times more advanced in ppi than the old reference LG 4.5-inch display and 2.2 times denser in pixels.

Last, but not least, it appears that LG has worked to make this new display more power friendly; the display should consume less energy that other screens in “its class”. That almost sounds too good to be true, so we’d better wait for an actual product before we get too excited over LG’s claims.

If you’re near Boston next week, you might want to visit LG’s booth at the SID and check this bright new guy out! In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with just the photo released by LG, the press release from below, and our fantasies about how cool HD videos will look on future LG phones. Can you picture it?


LG Display Develops World’s First Full HD LCD Smartphone Panel

5″ Full HD display, creating perfect cloud computing environment

Seoul, Korea (May 28, 2012) – LG Display [NYSE: LPL, KRX: 034220], a leading manufacturer of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display, introduced today a 5″ Full HD LCD panel for smartphones – the highest resolution mobile panel to date. Allowing smartphone users to view Full HD content in the same quality as on TVs and monitors, LG Display and its new panel significantly advances the cloud computing experience widely considered the next major internet trend.

LG Display’s 5″ Full HD LCD panel is a step forward past existing mobile display technology. The LCD panel based on AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching) technology features 440ppi and 1920×1080 resolution, providing for the first time Full HDTV quality on a smartphone. With 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, the panel is also 0.5 inches larger, 2.2 times denser in pixels, and 1.3 times more advanced in ppi than the preceding 4.5″ panel at 329ppi and 1280×720.

“As smartphones become increasingly valued for how well they do multimedia and with the rapid growth of LTE enabling faster large file transfers, our new 5″ Full HD LCD panel is certain to prove a significant asset to the mobile market,” said Sang-Deok Yeo, CTO and Executive Vice President of LG Display. “With the world’s highest resolution smartphone display, LG Display continues to remain a step ahead in developing the most innovative in display technology products.”

The display solution of choice for smart devices, LG Display’s AH-IPS is the technology behind the new Full HD LCD display. With the high density of AH-IPS, the naked eye is unable to distinguish between individual pixels. AH-IPS panels also express the original color of images highly precisely, and feature a wide viewing angle as well as stable display image and rapid response speed when touched. Finally, with its brighter light transmission and lower power consumption, AH-IPS is ideal for use in outdoor settings.

The 5″ Full HD LCD panel from LG Display is expected to be released during the second half of this year, and will be on exhibit for the first time at SID 2012 Display Week in Boston starting June 4.