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Dimitar Valev, head of mobile communications at LG Bulgaria, gave an interview with dnevnik.bg yesterday, where he shed plenty of light on some of the products heading our way over the next year or two.

First up for discussion was a new Android tablet, which Valev confirmed would be hitting the market before the end of the year. You may have noticed that the LG G Pad was spotted passing through the FCC yesterday, and although he wouldn’t talk about any device specifics, the timing suggests that this is almost certainly the tablet in question.

As for other devices, we already know that flexible displays are heading our way at some point in the not too distant future, but LG’s executive was insistent that the company is planning introduce its flexible display devices, such as a bendy smart watch, during 2014 rather than later this year, and only “in certain markets”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t be given a glimpse of what flexible displays can do at some point this year, just don’t expect to see an LG device on the shelves before Christmas.

Speaking of watches, another interesting revelation from the interview was that LG was supposedly working on a smart wristwatch three years ago, but didn’t feel that it was the right time to release such a device.

lg smartwatch

Are flexible display smart watches the future? LG and Samsung seem to think so.

LG also appears to have some intriguing plans for its smartphone business. Unlike Sony, LG is keen to produce even larger smartphones than its current Optimus G Pro and Vu line-up. Valev confirmed that LG will be releasing a larger smartphone sometime next year, which could well take the form of a 6 inch handset.

There was also talk of LG looking again at Windows Phone, with plans already being put forward for a potential device. But apparently this all depends on what Microsoft manages to accomplish with the next version of its mobile operating system. Valev seemed concerned about the shift towards the “freemium” business model in the mobile market, which is putting additional strain on the Windows franchise. FireFox OS was also discussed, and there’s the possibility of a LG handset hitting the market as early as the first quarter of 2014. But the company is happy to see if the platform catches on before leaping into any hardware commitments.

There’s certainly a lot going on in LG’s planning department, with plenty of new products already in the pipeline. Dimitar Valev seems optimistic that there’s still plenty of room for growth in the competitive smartphone industry, and LG certainly seems to have every angle covered.