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LG pulls a Samsung, decides to make fun of the iPhone 5 in Korea to help sales

LG, looking at all the buzz generated by Samsung's ads making fun of the iPhone, has decided to do the same thing, albeit only in Korea thus far. So are the ads any good? Not really.
December 17, 2012

Samsung loves to make fun of Apple. Their television ads make fun of people standing in line for the iPhone. Their online ads point out the iPhone’s distinct lack of features. And guess what? People respond to the ads because they either A) Reinforce their purchasing decision or B) Help them think of insults to hurl at Apple people.

LG, looking at all the buzz these campaigns have generated, has decided to copy Samsung. If you’ve been following the mobile industry for as long as we have, then you already know that LG copying Samsung isn’t really anything new, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

These new LG ads, which have only appeared in Korea thus far, compare the LG Optimus G to the iPhone 5. In one ad, LG’s phone slices through an Apple, leaving it in two pieces. The text at the bottom reminds people that they’re going to be stuck with the phone they buy for the next two years, so choose carefully.

Now LG also runs their own wireless service in South Korea called LG Uplus. They’re running ads that say: “iPhone 5? Really disappointing!” and “iPhone 5? It will stifle you the more you use it!” We wish we were making this stuff up, but we’re honestly not.

There are also other ads that point out the iPhone 5’s 4 inch screen, the lack of NFC, and the lack of DMB, which is Korea’s over the air broadcasting system that lets people watch TV on their phones.

Do ads like these actually work? Yes and no. It’s one thing to create an ad that generates buzz for a few hours, it’s another thing altogether to do what Samsung does and plaster just about every capital city in every country around the world with billboards for a phone.