Everyone wants a piece of Samsung these days, it seems. I’m not sure if it’s because of their skyrocketing status or just because everyone wants to copy Apple, but LG is the latest inhibitor to Samsung’s uncontrolled climb to Android dominance. The latest volley of attacks between the Korean-based companies is about none other than OLED panel design and LG’s “Narrow Bezel” technology.

This is not without provocation, however, as Samsung filed a similar claim against LG a few weeks ago; six LG employees were fired in July before that even happened. To wit, LG said in an official statement,

“This lawsuit has been filed both to enforce LG Display’s intellectual property rights and promote fair competition. Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display must stop using the patents without permission.”

Samsung officials had a curt answer:

LG Display has consistently acquired our OLED technologies and other business secrets by inducing our researchers to transfer.

What this means in terms to consumers, is more showtime between LG and Samsung. The devices inferred in the filing, Samsung’s Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II HD, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Tab 7.7, all carry an arbitrary reward of 7 billion won (about $6.26 million) if LG wins. Alternatively, if Samsung manages to pull off a win and beat all seven counts of patent infringement, they will acquire 1 billion won (about $880,000) per offense.

Will LG’s countersuit do anything to slow down Samsung’s speed in bringing OLED tech to the masses? Do you think it’s possible both companies are “sharing” information with each other?