We’ve known about the 5″ Optimus VU: and plans of being put on Big Red’s lineup for quite some time. But what we didn’t know was exactly how this phablet would appear once fully garnished in Verizon’s branding. Leaked press photos have just surfaced and looks are not the only revealing thing; a possible Q3 release is in store.

This “Galaxy Note” killer comes just as the second iteration of the dual-core device is being shown at IFA in Berlin. Curiously enough, Verizon has renamed it to the “Intuition“. We’re wondering if that’s some sort of hidden message to buy the phone. The best news: comes with Android 4.0, so no more worrying about having to update from ancient Android images. The muddy details on pricing and an actual release date have not been confirmed yet. In the leaked photo, there is a mention of September 15th but no official statements from LG or Big Red have been issued yet. Stay with us as we dig up more info!

Is this device something you would consider or is it still too awkward to fit in your hand? Would having Android 4.0 on the device from the get-go sway you at all?