We’ve reported last week about LG’s upcoming Google TVs – the new GA6400 and GA7900 series – that the Nexus phone maker introduced at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. While the platform hasn’t taken off as quickly as Google and LG — as well as other partners —  would’ve liked, the third generation Google TV may just strike the right chord with consumers.

Since specs can only convey so much, we thought you’d also be interested in seeing a quick video demonstration of the smart TV. Among other things — you can see the refreshed UI, some of the included premium apps, and how the device responds to a voice search query (spoiler: quite well).

Then there’s LG’s magic remote, which comes with a QWERTY keyboard and built-in mic. It’ll be a handy partner for all the Voice Actions that you’ll be doing.

Hit play on the embedded video above to see the LG GA7900 in action. What do you think of the latest Google TV-powered smart TV from LG?

Bams Sadewo
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