LG G3 stylus

Yesterday, the tech blogosphere lit up with news of a previously unknown stylus-equipped G3 variant, that, we all hoped, would challenge the Note 4 come September. However, the G3 Stylus could be just a “budget device,” if we believe one report from Korea Times.

Citing an “industry source,” the Korean outlet reports that the LG G3 Stylus will be out by the end of the third-quarter (ending in September) and that it will feature a screen of about 5.5-inch, just like the vanilla G3. Take this detail with some salt – the promo video from yesterday shows the G3 Stylus to be slightly larger than the G3, though we can’t really tell if that’s truly the case.

The G3 Stylus will feature pared-down specifications, with the battery life and screen resolution singled out as different compared to the G3: “Overall specifications will be slightly downgraded compared with the G3, with a different battery size and screen resolution,” said the source.

The G3 Stylus, concludes the Korea Times, will be a “budget device.”

But perhaps we shouldn’t hurry to dismiss the G3 Stylus as “budget” just yet – 1080p is still perfectly suitable for a current high-tier phone and the smaller battery could be necessary in order to make room for the stylus.

There’s a good chance LG will use the IFA limelight for the G3 Stylus’ public debut. The Note 4 will launch at the same event on September 3.