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The LG G3 is perhaps the hottest device of the moment, and that’s no small achievement during a season that saw the release of powerhouses like the Galaxy S5, OnePlus One, and HTC One (M8).

The biggest reasons to love the G3 are its mighty specs and sleek design, but LG has also enhanced the software experience, long considered a weakness of its devices. The UI on the G3 is cleaner and fresher than before, and the features that LG added are quite useful. If you want to learn more about them, here’s a collection of short videos that will walk you through some of the most important software features of the G3.

Smart Keyboard

LG’s new Smart Keyboard learns from your typing habits, features adjustable height, and packs several swipe gestures that let you quickly complete a word of fix a typo.

Guest Mode

Say you want to keep your personal information away from prying eyes. With Guest Mode, you can assign a special Knock Code that will wake up your phone in Guest Mode. You can customize Guest Mode so it only shows the apps that you want.

Dual Window

What’s the point in having a nice 5.5-inch screen if you can only use one window at a time? Dual Window on the G3 lets you split your screen in two and open different apps or different instances of the same apps in the two windows. Just press the “back” key for two seconds to activate it.

Smart Notice

Google Now is doing a great job as a virtual assistant, but LG thinks it can offer more with its own virtual assistant dubbed Smart Notice. Get information about weather, reminders about missed calls, and tips to clean up your system right on the homescreen.

Knock Code

This one’s not new, but it’s still worth giving it a look – Knock Code lets you assign combinations of up to eight taps on the screen to wake up your device and go straight to the homescreen.


If you bought the snazzy QuickCircle smart cover, you can assign six shortcuts to the apps that you use the most and access them without even opening the cover. With an SDK coming soon, more apps that can use QuickCircle will pop up in the future.

Here you go – any feature that you particularly look forward too on the LG G3?

Bogdan Petrovan
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