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The “Prime” moniker has sure been thrown around a lot as of late. First there were rumors of Galaxy S5 Prime, then the HTC M8 Prime and now it looks like LG has a Prime version as well. The only difference here is that the LG G3 Prime is already an official product, instead of just a mixture of rumor and speculation.

The LG G3 Prime is now available for pre-order in South Korea, armed with the same QHD display and overall looks of the standard G3, with its stand-out feature being a Snapdragon 805 CPU with support for 300 Mbps Cat. 6 LTE. While the upgrade to a Snapdragon 805 CPU and faster LTE support is impressive, it’s not nearly as big of a jump on-paper as Samsung’s Galaxy S5 LTE-A which went from a 1080p display in the GS5 to a QHD resolution.


So will the LG G3 Prime ever make its way outside of South Korea? It’s certainly possible, but don’t expect it to happen soon. According to a statement from LG Greece, the G3 Prime for markets outside of South Korea is reportedly in the works, but it could be another 3-4 months away.

What do you think, is the jump to the a Snapdragon 805 tempting enough for you to wait it out a bit longer or are you planning on jumping on the LG G3 now that it has arrived to the United States?

Andrew Grush
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