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The LG G3 may be a gorgeous phone, but it has a flaw

Users are reporting that the LG G3 has a little flaw - be careful plugging in if your connector is tight, it could crack the casing by the microphone. What should LG do about this?
August 22, 2014
LG G3 cracked casings
“…just look at the G3, no phone even comes close to how sexy that is! ” – Jason
“…g3 is really gorgeous…” – Alan. 

We can’t rightly argue with Jason and Alan over on our Google+ page, we think the G3 is a good looking phone too, but LG is not perfect, and, as we’re gathering, the G3 has a few concerns as well. Some major complaints are surfacing for the build of the G3, reports are rolling in of cracks forming in the outer plastic casing from the microphone opening.

“Uh oh!” – Darcy.

The cracks are just hairline fractures and appear to cause no structural concern, but that is no consolation to those of you that have dropped hundreds of dollars on this amazing flagship device. Many users report that they’ve experienced difficulty inserting their micro USB charging cable, and that the force of inserting the plug is assumed at least part to blame for the fractures.

lg g3 cracked Pink case

Entire forum threads have been dedicated to this concern with many users submitting photos of the same cracks occurring in their devices all around the globe. Meanwhile, LG has had nothing official to say about the issue.

LG G3 Editors-Choice-4 cracked
We’ve been very happy with the LG G3 ourselves. Despite these new concerns, which we’ve not encountered yet ourselves, the device is a solid unit, well deserving the ‘flagship’ badge. We even went so far as to name the LG G3 one of the finest phones of the year, with an editors choice badge. We would hate for this issue to strip the G3 of that honor.

A lot more than just ‘editors choice’ may be riding on what LG decides to do next. Should they fumble the repairs for their flagship G3 right now, the goodwill gained from the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, regretfully, may be quickly forgotten. Manufacturers that are closely trailing LG, like ZTE, Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi, would be happy to steal customers away, especially with their phones that are intended to compete with the G3, and do so at a fraction of the cost to consumers.

Have you experienced the cracked LG G3 casing? What repairs/replacements have you received?