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How to take the perfect picture with the LG G3, according to LG [video]

LG video shows us how to use the best features in the camera app on your new LG G3. The feature focus video, LG G3: Camera, shows off the basics of five major camera actions: Touch & Shoot, Laser Auto Focus, OIS+/Dual Flash, Selfie and Magic Focus.
June 25, 2014

As we become more and more reliant on our smartphones to handle the bulk of our photography needs, LG has taken it upon themselves to show us how to take advantage of the best features in the camera app on your new LG G3.

The feature focus video, LG G3: Camera, shows off the basics of five major camera actions:

1. Touch and Shoot

As the name implies, LG has made it as simple as possible to shoot photos on the G3 camera. Unlike many Android camera apps that require you to tap a dedicated button to snap a photo, LG has incorporated touch to focus and touch to shoot into one action. Simply tap anywhere on the screen and the G3 will snap your photo. A nice touch.

2. Laser Auto Focus

LG has introduced a great new feature to their camera on the G3, a laser driven auto focus. The video goes to great lengths impressing its superiority over other devices. We took a good look at it recently as well, see how we explain it here.

3. OIS+/Dual Flash

OIS stands for Optical Image Stabilization, it is the ability for a camera sensor to compensate for the natural shakiness that we humans have when we snap photos. Combining OIS+ with LG’s dual flash technique, designed to ensure the best lighting and focus in low light situations, makes for one of the most advanced systems on a smartphone to date. Not counting Project Tango, of course.

4. Selfie

Love ’em or hate ’em, LG has introduced a fancy hand gesture trigger to activate the camera for selfies. As the video shows, present an open hand, make a fist and pose. Since there is no flash on the front facing camera, LG has opted to use the screen to create a flash. A neat trick I first encountered in Cheese, a popular Linux webcam program.

5. Magic Focus

The ability to adjust the focal point of a photo has been a very popular addition for most manufacturers this year. Google even got in on the game with their stock Android camera app and a feature called Lens Blur. LG’s implementation appears to be very fast and effective, simply shoot a photo while in Magic Focus mode and you will be able to adjust the point of focus for the image afterward.

LG G3 camera


Even though you now know how to shoot like a pro using the LG G3, you may still have to wait to get your hands on the phone. Unless you live in South Korea, the device is only hitting additional markets starting June 27 and into July.

What do you think, has LG nailed it, or are they just keeping up with the Jones’ with their new camera features on the LG G3?