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The LG G3 is now official, but when can we actually get our hands on the device? Unfortunately, LG is mostly keeping mum on the situation for now, though the first details about expected availability are already starting to trickle in.

As we learn more about what carriers and regions the G3 will arrive in, we’ll be sure to update the post.

QI Wireless Charging availability

The good news is that QI charging will come integrated in all markets without the need for adapters or other gizmos. The bad news is that this excludes those in Korea and the United States. Apparently “carrier agreements” in these markets are preventing LG from including support, and so you’ll be required to buy the WI-capable QuickCircle cover if you wish to wirelessly charge.

U.S. Availability

We might not know when the LG G3 is coming, but all four major carriers have already piped up to announce they will stock the device. In addition, Sprint has confirmed they will be the exclusive U.S. carrier for those interested in getting the Shine Gold version of the handset — which will also offer up HD Voice and Sprint Spark LTE.

For those looking for a chance to win the LG G3, T-Mobile has revealed it will give away a “beta model” of the handset every day until the end of June (whatever they mean by beta..). Considering the contest concludes after the end of June, this could hint at a possible early July release for the LG G3 — though that’s really just speculation on our part. That said, this does fit in line with the UK’s expected availability.

UK Availability

In the UK, O2, Three and Carphone Warehouse have already confirmed plans to offer the LG G3. Reportedly the handset will land on July 1st, though no word on pricing. Carphone Warehouse will open up for pre-orders on June 3rd.

Korean availability

The LG G3 will first launch in South Korea. Based on early information it appears the handset should be offered through all major carriers in LG’s home country and could hit store shelves this week — with some reports claiming this could happen as soon as tomorrow.

Other parts of Europe

While we can’t obviously report the scheduling for every country in Europe, here’s a few updates we’ve received thanks to various tips:

Czech Republic and Slovakia: The handset will be available starting July 1st, both in store and through carriers for 593€ for 16GB/2GB configuration and 630€ for 32GB/3GB configuration.

Germany: Amazon Germany is currently taking pre-orders. The 16GB version with 2GB of RAM can also be found through several other retailers and should be available sometime in early July for 549€. The 32GB variant is expected to cost  599€.

Sweden: Several retailers are reporting an end-of-June target though no exact details on the pricing.

Other regions

That’s all the specific dates and plans we know at this time. If you have details about exact carrier or retailer plans in your region, be sure to send us a tip or share what you know with us in the comments below!

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