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LG G3 will offer removable battery, possibly a metal body as well

Two new screenshots from @evleaks suggest the LG G3 will offer a removable battery and will feature a metal body.
May 6, 2014

The LG G3 is expected to debut officially on May 27th, but that’s not stopping the rumor mill from filling in quite a few blanks ahead of time. Current rumors suggest the handset will offer a QHD display, high-end specs that one-up other flagships, a revamped UI and a newly redesigned rear-mounted button configuration.

What about the actual design of the handset? Thanks to several leaked images, we now know what the general shape of the LG G3 will look like, but so far these images have either been incredibly blurry or the device itself has been tucked away within a plastic case. You have to wonder what’s hiding under that case, and if the above images from @evleaks are any indication, the answer is metal.

Alongside the words “LG G3, fingerprint-magnet no more”, we find the image you now see at the top of the page. While we can’t be 100% sure of the image’s legitimacy, this certainly looks like metal to us. Of course, we could just be looking at some kind of polycarbonate shell with a brushed metal treatment, though we are hoping that’s not the case.

Interestingly enough, LG may have been dropping hints about this change in design all along. First, there’s the official LG G3 invite, which matches the above finish very closely:

lg g3 invitation

That’s not the only place we’ve seen this look though. Back in mid-April we got a peak at images of the G3’s packaging material. While the box rocks a golden hue, the actual finish seems rather similar.

LG G3 box

For what’s it worth, we also received a tip about the metal design last month from someone who claimed to work for a telecommunication company. The tipster allegedly received information from an LG rep that the device would come in three colors, would offer an aluminum design, a2K display, microSD and a 5.5-inch display with a body size similar to that of the LG G2.

At the time, we felt we didn’t have enough confirmation to feel comfortable posting the tip, but much of this has since been unofficially confirmed by other leaks and rumors.

Why upgrade to a metal chassis for the G3?

It’s becoming harder to see what advantages Samsung offers over the G3

Honestly, it makes a lot of sense that LG would want to pursue a more premium design. After all, one of the biggest complaints about the Samsung Galaxy S5 is its design, particularly the company’s affinity for plastic. Samsung has also come under fire for not doing enough to revamp TouchWiz.

If LG is really preparing a revamped UI and a new metallic look, it could give the company a major advantage over its fellow Korean-based rival. It’s also becoming harder to see what advantages Samsung offers over the G3, other than perhaps a slightly smaller device footprint. Traditionally, Samsung has often held the edge against its competition due to its removable battery and microSD card, but these are both features that are expected to be offered by the LG G3. In fact, the removable battery for the G3 can be seen in the image at the very top of this article.

Bottom-line, it’s pretty clear that LG is waging all-out-war against Samsung and its competition with the LG G3. Whether these changes are enough to make the G3 a massive hit remains unseen.

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