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User agent profile suggests LG G3 will feature a 2K display, overkill or not?

According to a recently spotted user agent profile for the LG D850, it looks like the LG G3 could feature a QHD (aka 2K) display.
March 13, 2014
LG Brand CES 2014 AA-1

If you find yourself unimpressed by the flagship devices coming our way from HTC, Samsung and Sony, your attention has probably already turned towards LG and its next handset. With the LG G3 rumored to be announced sometime in May, there’s a strong possibility that the G3 will take a major leap forward from other early 2014 flagships in terms of processor and display specs.

While we still can’t say with any certainty whether the LG G3 will rock a Snapdragon 805 or will instead feature an 801, a new user agent profile spotted on LG’s website suggests that the next-gen flagship from LG could move past 1080p and instead feature a 2560×1440 QHD display. The user agent profile mentions a handset with the model number D850, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the G3, but it certainly falls in line with the model names for the LG G2 (D800) and the G2 Pro (D830).


We can’t say we’d be too surprised if LG makes the jump to 2K. Even though HTC, Sony and Samsung are all currently sticking to 1080p, we are already starting to see devices with 2K (QHD) resolutions including the Vivo Xplay 3S and the upcoming Oppo Find 7. The big question is whether LG will offer just one model, or if it will also have a 1080p version, similar to the route Oppo is taking.

What do you think, would you like to see the LG G3 offer a 2K display? Or do you feel it’s overkill?

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