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LG commits to provide the G2 a major UI update and Android L

LG G2 owners that are fans of the LG G3 UI, rejoice. LG has reportedly committed to porting the newer UI to the G2, and promised to update to Android L as well.
August 23, 2014

The Italian website Tutto Android is reporting that LG has not forgotten about the LG G2, that LG will be bringing the LG G3 user interface to the G2, and, better yet, have promised Android L for the gracefully aging flagship phone.

Citing unnamed “reliable enough” sources, LG has revisited an earlier decision not to port the newer G3 interface to the G2. Having since that decision accrued a nice collection of awards for the design of the newer interface, the Korean manufacturer has apparently committed to pushing out an update to the G2 by the end of the year. The update will not only bring the new interface but a few treats as well, specifically noting Smart Notice.


The interface of the G3 certainly is something to behold. The flat design is far removed from older LG designs. Things generally look good and make sense, if still sometimes a little cluttered feeling. Good thing LG leaves room to customize things.

With a new interface due for the end of the year, “where does that leave Android L?” you might be wondering. Sorry to say folks, despite promising that the G2 will indeed receive the big L release, they expect the normal update routine to take over, with carriers and such delaying the update for testing going into 2015. Hopefully the update track can be a lot speedier this time around, considering the Android L developer preview is already out there for devs to get a head start.

material design android l release

Android L brings with it a brand new design scheme of its own, called Material Design. Perhaps it is coincidence that LG’s new flat looking design with an overwhelming presence of soft pastel colors is, as a description, similar to Material Design‘s general flat appearance that also rocks pastel colors. We have high hopes for Android L and LG, surely with the similar mindset on design, great things will come. Right?

We put the LG G2 up against the G3 in a comparison video a while ago. While the G3 has the obvious advantage in hardware specs, now that they will both rock the same software, and the G2 is on track for at least one more version of the Android OS, current G2 owners may just have good reason to hang onto their devices and wait to see what the G4(?) has to offer.

What do you think, is an UI update and Android L enough to keep the LG G2 in your pocket?