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Earlier this week LG introduced the new LG G Pro 2, a 5.9-inch device with plenty of interesting features and generous specifications. One of the highlights of this oversized powerhouse is its 13MP camera, which comes with what LG calls OIS Plus, a software-aided image stabilization system that should provide even better shots than classic OIS.

Of course we were curious to see the G Pro 2 and its OIS Plus in action, to see if there’s some substance behind LG’s claims. Because we only had limited time with the device, we put it through a quick comparison with its sibling, LG G2, which also comes with a 13MP camera with optical image stabilization, but without the enhancements brought by the software tweaks in Plus.

We look forward to more testing that should be more conclusive at pinpointing the differences between OIS and OIS Plus, but for now, we can say there are some small, but noticeable differences in the performance of the two cameras. The difficult part is telling whether these differences are due to improvements on the G Pro 2 or some other factors, which is why we’re going to repeat the test later in a more controlled setting.

Without more ado, here are the shots. Click on each one to enlarge and note that we kept the images at their full size.

Landscape 1 G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2 OIS Plus landscape 1

Landscape 1 G2

LG G2 OIS  (1) landscape 1

Landscape 2 G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2 OIS Plus 2 landscape 2

Landscape 2 G2

LG G2 OIS  (2) landscape 2

Close up 1 G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2 OIS Plus 3 close up 1

Close up 1 G2

LG G2 OIS  (3) close up 1

Close up 2 G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2 OIS Plus 5 close up 2

Close up 2 G2

LG G2 OIS  (5) close up 2

Low light G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2 OIS Plus 4 low light

Low light G2

LG G2 OIS  (4) low light


Do you think that the difference between the two cameras is significant? Tell us in the comments.

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