LG's latest 5.2 inch display claims to pack more than 6 million pixels into it, making it one of the most advanced displays out there.

The LG G2 is set to offer some of the best hardware on the market when it finally launches, and if you’re eagerly waiting to get your handsets on LG’s latest flagship then I have some good news for you, we’re less than a month away from launch day in the US.

Sources familiar with LG’s release plans state that Verizon will launch the G2 one day ahead of rival carrier AT&T. Verizon will make the handset available on September 12th, whilst AT&T will have the G2 on its shelves the following day. However, AT&T will also be opening up its pre-sales as early as the 3rd of September and will be giving away a free folio case to its pre-order customers as well. These dates line up pretty well with what we were already expecting, so hopefully a European release will also occur in a similar time frame.

Sprint and T-Mobile will also be selling the handset, although we don’t current know the exact release dates for those carriers, but you can probably expect it to be around the same sort of time.

So, is anyone interested? If you’re still a little unsure, don’t forget to check out our initial hands-on with the LG G2.

Robert Triggs
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