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LG G2 leaks in all its glory in video and pics

A set of images and a hands-on video show the upcoming LG G2 in full clarity. The leak confirms the novel button placement and other previously rumored details.
July 10, 2013
LG Optimus G2 leak

We’ve seen some horrendous blurrycam images of the upcoming successor to the LG Optimus G, including a set of leaked slides and a few shots of the device in the wild. Luckily, our days of trying to make sense of fuzzy shots are over, as a collection of high resolution images and video showing the LG G2 made their way online.

Without further ado, here’s the video and the image gallery.

Now, what does this imagery tells us? For once, the leaks concerning the design of the device have panned out. We’re looking at an all-screen front with no capacitive or physical buttons and only an LG logo on the bottom to break the glossy black. LG did a great job maximizing the screen to body ratio, and we think the LG G2 may be leading the charts in this area.

The volume rocker and power button have been moved from their usual location on the sides of the device and can now be found on the rear of the G2, right below the camera. Some rumors suggested that the power button is actually a fingerprint scanner, though the user in the video appears to simply be pressing it.

Update – The LG G2 Specs are official

Another interesting design touch is the placement of the speakers on the bottom edge of the device, flanking the USB port. Having the speakers there is probably better than having them on the back, though their small size is a bit worrying.

Overall, in terms of design we’re looking at a distinctly Nexus 4 vibe, especially if you only look at the front of the G2, with its rounded corners and tapered glass. The device appears to sport a glossy finish, probably with a “holographic” pattern similar to that on the Optimus G and G Pro. It’s hard to tell because the device in the video is covered with some sort of protective sticker.

In terms of hardware, Engadget, the outlet that got the scoop on the images, says that the leakster confirmed the Snapdragon 800 processor, but little else is known about the LG G2. The rumor consensus seems to be pointing to 3GB of RAM (at least for the Korean version) and a 13MP camera. Software-wise, we only get a glimpse of the lockscreen and a few aspects of the user interface. Interestingly, the styling of the three on screen buttons looks nothing like the presumed leaked screenshots that we’ve seen a few weeks back.

The LG G2 is expected to launch in mid-July in South Korea, with a full international launch to follow on August 7.