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On this edition of the Friday Debate, we talk about the newly announced LG G2, a powerful Android flagship with a bevvy of clever tricks, but also a couple of controversial features. Critics point out the unoriginal design and somehow clumsy UI, while LG believers praise the innovation that the company has baked into the G2. So, which side are you on?

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Joe Hindy 

From what we’ve seen so far it looks like a really awesome device. It’s sad to say, but brands like LG and Motorola aren’t taken very seriously these days by consumers and, what’s worse, not taken overly seriously by even many of us bloggers. For instance, I’m sure everyone worth their salt in this industry can tell you more about JBQ leaving AOSP than they can about the LG G2 (don’t get me wrong, JBQ dipping out is a HUGE deal). JBQ quitting seems to have overshadowed the entire LG G2 event. It is a huge deal that JBQ stepped down but to put it bluntly, it sucks for LG that their release event was overshadowed by this bad news.

As for the phone, I happen to really like it. The buttons on the back are a fresh design change, the camera looks to be truly capable, and I’m really, really digging that 3100mAh battery. These kinds of things are the stuff that people have been asking OEMs for. More battery, better camera, and something fresh. I personally think LG has hit a home run with this design and it’s something people definitely need to pay more attention to. The processor is great, the RAM is on par with other flagships as is the storage. Of course, I hold in reserve my opinion on the software until I see a review, but even the software seems to have stuff we haven’t seen before. An example is the guest mode for your phone where you can use a second PIN on your lock screen so people can have a guest pass to your phone. That is insanely awesome.

I think the world should be talking about this more. Really.

Andrew Grush

Even dating back to my pre-smartphone days, I’ve pretty much always gravitated three phone brands more than any other: LG, Samsung and Nokia. Sure, I’ve had and enjoyed other brands, too – but I kept coming back to these three.

In recent times, I’ve moved away from Nokia due to their refusal to embrace Android, but Samsung and LG products are still regular picks for me.

I truly believe that LG is an under-rated company with a ton of potential.

Ever since the release of the Optimus G and Nexus 4, LG has been on an upswing and they aren’t slowing down any with the LG G2!

There seems to be little to complain about with the G2. It has solid specs, a unique design, and some pretty cool special features like “answer me” and “guest mode”.

I reserve full judgment until the device actually ships and AA gets a chance to review the G2, but I have to admit I’m excited for this one. While my Nexus 4 certainly fits my needs right now, I’d be very pleased if the LG G2 does end up being the basis for the Nexus 5.

Darcy LaCouvee

LG has produced a world class device here, and continues to try and push the envelope. When you have a bird’s eye view of the industry, and attend the events, play and use the phones on a regular basis, you begin to see that – from all the way down to the cheapest Android they make, all the way up to their latest flagship, that LG is packing more value, better tech, and just a little bit more than their arch rival, incumbent Samsung.

While the G2 might not be revolutionary for those of us sedated by the rapid onslaught of high end device releases over the past several months, it still has my eye. I love what LG is doing. Their display division makes some of the finest screens on the planet. LG G2 will deliver Snapdragon 800 to the masses before Samsung does.

The inclusion of a larger battery, and their desire to increase the ratio of display / body – making the G2, I think, the highest ratio of display to body of any phone on the market, today. Nice.

Bottom line – for the first time, I’m actually thinking of not getting the Note 3. Samsung is really, really going to have to pack some epic tech in their for me to remain loyal. And ultimately, I think the G2 is one devilishly handsome and appealing device. I hope it intensifies competition between the mobile tech giants.

David Gonzales

It’s a winner. And it certainly looks the part. So like +Joseph Hindy, I’m really having trouble understanding why more people aren’t creaming their pants at the idea that such a thing as the LG G2 now exists — with a “right-sized” hi-res screen, an impressive camera, and a huge battery, plus the latest flavor of Android — and it’s already on its way to market.

Of course, there’s the whole, “Oh, so and so might still have more RAM, or a bigger screen, or more buttons…” but the fact remains, this is the phone that’s already here, right now. LG’s top competitors are really going to have to pull off some magical stuff to get past the G2 and what it has to offer now.

But then again, maybe all it takes is more product placements and a bigger advertising budget. I hope not.

The LG G2 is surely going to capture the hearts of many current non-LG smartphone fans, and with that, I hope it kicks off a new race to wow consumers with less courtroom action and more innovation.

Now that it’s official, how do you feel about the LG G2?

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