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LG G2 display: ultra-thin bezels, two touch sensors, Graphic RAM and over 6M subpixels

One of the highlights of the LG G2 is its 5.2-inch Full HD IPS display, with the company explaining several of its features during the show.
August 7, 2013
LG G2 Display

One of the elements of the LG G2 that the company insisted on during its New York-based event was the 5.2-inch display, which the company sees as the perfect size for a device that measures 2.7-inch in width.

Compared to its predecessor, the LG G2 has a display that’s 0.5-inch longer, and according to the company, it takes up 75.9% of the front side. The bezels have been greatly diminished, and we are looking at an edge-to-edge display design with ultra-thin bezels.

LG G2 Display

Responsible for the 2.65mm bezels on either side of the display is the use of two touch sensors, compared to just one sensor found in most smartphones.

Speaking about performance, LG revealed that the G2 uses Graphic RAM (GRAM) technology – apparently a first for the industry – which helps reduce power consumption by 26% on still frames, and increase usage time by 10%.

Finally, the 5.2-inch display is a Full HD (1920 x 1080 resolution, 423 ppi) IPS display, which packs more subpixels than competing Full HD AMOLED displays. That’s something smartphone buyers should take into consideration instead of pixel-per-inch (ppi) ratio when buying a phone, according to the company.

LG G2 Display

The LG G2 packs over 6 million subpixels compared to just over 4 million subpixels that are found on a Full HD AMOLED display. Without naming the competing product, LG has most likely compared the display quality between the LG G2 and the Galaxy S4 during its media event.

Interestingly, the company did not say anything about its recently announced ultra-slim 5.2-inch LCD panels, which we assumed it would be found inside the LG G2.