LG has an interesting G2 promotion going on in Sweden, where it’s serving G2 banner ads directly to iPhone, Samsung and HTC handset owners in the region, making fun of those respective brands in the process.

Instead of taking the Samsung and Nokia/Microsoft route when it comes to bashing the competition – that is airing TV spots with direct hits at rivals that try (some succeed) to go viral – LG has chosen a more subtle way: inviting owners of phones from the competition to switch to a better handset, the G2.

LG G2 iPhone ad

On iPhones, LG’s ads will display a text written in small type that says “Hard to read this on your iPhone?” – a clear hit at the smaller screen found on Apple’s smartphones compared with the G2’s 5.2-inch display.


On Galaxy devices, LG is making fun of the speediness of Samsung handsets – “Waiting for your Galaxy to catch up?” one targeted ad reads, while another says the LG G2 has a “20% faster processor.”

LG G2 HTC ad

Finally, on HTC devices, LG advertises better battery life for the G2 compared to those handsets – one of the ads reads “Tired of charging your HTC One?” while another says the G2 has 30% longer battery life.

As you can see, LG is ready to take on the competition with some bold ads, but it remains to be seen whether it will convince iPhone, Samsung and HTC handset owners to switch to the G2 this year.

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