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LG might release a version of the G Watch with its own SIM card

A source claims that the upcoming LG G Watch will also be made available with an optional SIM card, allowing for calls and messaging.
May 27, 2014
LG G Watch Black and White

We have already seen plenty of LG’s upcoming G Watch, which will run the new Android Wear platform, will be water resistant, and comes in a few color options, but the rumors keep on coming. This time, RBMen has unearthed a source which claims that the G Watch will also be made available with an optional SIM card.

According to the source, the G Watch will also come in a version that can use SIM cards, presumably for messaging, data, and perhaps even calls, without the need to pair the smartwatch up with a smartphone. Finally, it looks like smartwatches will be usable entirely on their own.

However, the source also suggest that the SIM card is built into the actual body of the smartwatch and therefore can’t be removed or replaced. Whilst this is unlikely to be a big issue for many users, it does mean that the SIM version of the smartwatch might be tied to whichever carrier you buy it from.

The final piece of news from this source suggests (as long as I’m reading it right!) that the G Watch will be available through the Google Play Store, as well as through the usual store fronts. I can’t help but wonder if Google might offer a united store for all Android Wear products? There aren’t any details about which carriers are going to be offering the watch, or how we will go about purchasing specific carrier versions of the G Watch, but watch this space.

What do you think about the prospect of a LG G Watch with a built in SIM card? Is this the feature that smartwatches need to make them truly useful?