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Alleged LG G Watch system dump leaked, reveals bootloader animation and more

An alleged system dump of the LG G Watch has leaked to the web giving us a look at a the device's possible boot sequence, a new Android logo, clock faces and more.
June 3, 2014

We already know that the LG G Watch and likely several other Android Wear powered devices will debut later this summer, with Google I/O potentially acting as a launching pad for at least one of these products. We’ve also seen the G Watch and 360 in various images and other reports.

Still looking for even more details? Thanks to @upleaks, what appears to be a system dump from the G Watch has now hit the web. While system dumps don’t necessarily give us a lot of new details, they often contain wallpapers, clock faces and even a few possible hints as to what to expect from the device in question.

Upleaks has already been generous enough to dig up a video showing a boot image for what is supposedly the G Watch, though it really looks more like what we’d expect from a stock Android Wear boot logo than an LG-specific device. Below you’ll also find a bunch of watchface screenshots.

For good measure, here’s a few Google Now status cards as well:

So what else have we been able to turn up by digging through the system dump? Not much, but there are at least a few interesting tidbits revealed, including mention of sensors such as a gyroscope and a pedometer.

There’s also a host of APKs that give us a look at some of the watch’s basic features such as lgeTimer.apk, LGEcompass.apk, LGEalarm.apk and clockworkremoteshutter.apk. The later of these is the most intriguing of the apps, as it seems to point to the possibility of a way to take pictures from your phone using your Android Wear watch.

Taking a look at the build.prop also turns up a codename “dory” and product name of “platina”. The Dory mention is interesting because Google usually uses fish names for its Nexus products. As you probably already know, Dory is the name of a main character fish from the movie Finding Nemo.

#GWatch is the reference device of Android Wear…
— UpLeaks (@upleaks) June 3, 2014

Now that doesn’t mean that the LG G Watch is a “Nexus” device per say, but judging by the boot animation and everything else seen here — the G Watch doesn’t seem to have a lot of bloat. This backs up the idea that the G Watch is at least a “reference device” for what Google Android Wear products should look like. It still remains unseen whether or not devices from Motorola, Samsung and HTC will follow the same clean, basic approach to the internal software.

# begin build properties
# autogenerated by May 22 02:59:18 UTC 2014
ro.product.model=G Watch

# is obsolete; use ro.product.device
# Do not try to parse or .fingerprint 4.4W KKV51 1187829 release-keys,watch
# end build properties

That appears to be all the big hitters from the dump, though a few other interesting bits are probably hidden in here somewhere. We’ll be sure to update this post if/when we’re able to kick up any more details. For those interested in checking out the system dump for themselves, you’ll find it here.

What do you think of the LG G Watch based on what we currently know? For that matter, are you excited for Android Wear or not?